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Curb Appeal Pros eliminates black streaks on roofs in St. Louis.
A roof cleaned by Curb Appeal Pros with half clean and half with mold


No matter how beautiful your lawn and landscape are, a dirty, streaky roof ruins the appearance of your home. In Milwaukee and Madison, it’s very common to see black streaks on roofs. These are not just stains. They are algae called Gloeocapsa Magna and they feast on the limestone filler that is contained in most asphalt shingles. Black streaks on your roof are a sign that algae and lichen have moved in and are silently enjoying a buffet meal every day right above your head!

Any roof that faces north is more likely to have black streaks because they do not get enough direct sunlight to dry out quickly. So it’s common to see one side of your roof with more streaks than the other.

Black Streaks on Your Roof Cause Decay

Without roof cleaning, the algae will continue to eat your roof, causing shingles to decay. That means your roof is less likely to insulate you in winter and reflect heat in summer. If this continues, the life span of your roof can be cut short by up to 30%.

Why Choose Us

The Asphalt Roof Manufactures Association(ARMA) have established standards on how to clean roof shingles.

They discourage the use of power washers because of the damage they can cause to shingles and siding.

Instead of high-pressure washers, which can produce a spray of 3500 PSI or more, our low pressure system gently sprays your shingles at no more than 90 PSI, just a little bit higher than a garden hose.

For most roofs, we can remove the algae and black streaks from your roof from the ground or ladder, keeping your home and our employees safe.

First, we spray the landscaping around your home or commercial property with water to protect them. Our cleaning solution is biodegradable and will not hurt your plants or animals. Once we spray and cover your landscape, we treat your roof with our solution and then gently rinse it off, leaving your roof looking like new.

Gone for Up To 5 Years
Our solution will stop algae growth from the moment we spray it on your roof, and will prevent it from coming back for up to five years. Cleaning your roof is truly a long-term investment with lasting value.

Benefits of Shingle Cleaning

  • Save Thousands by Cleaning

    New roofs cost $3,500 to $10,000 or more. Roof cleaning begins at just 1/10th of the cost at $350 (depending on size of the home).
  • Lower your heating bill
    The lichen, moss and algae on your roof is retaining heat and reduces the reflective properties on your roof. This causes your roof to trap in heat, slowly heating up your insulation and duct work which causes your AC to work harder.
  • Stay Insured
    Insurance companies can cancel policies due to dirty roofs. By doing preventative maintenance, this can be prevented.
  • Increase Your Curb Appeal
    A clean roof a give you bragging rights. For some, that’s priceless!
  • Moving Soon? Get Noticed
    Curb appeal is what draws your buyers in. A clean exterior demonstrates that your entire house has been well-maintained and cared for and makes it more attractive to buyers.

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