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Vinyl Siding & House Washing

Would you consider putting your clothes in the washer without detergent, hoping that the water alone would get them clean? Of course not.

Would you blast your clothes with high pressure in the hopes that the stains would come out, without damaging the material? Of course not.

 Cleaning your roof, siding, and other exteriors is no different. That’s why we combine a soft washing system with our proprietary cleaner for the best possible outcome. Our pressure washing technique protects the building materials on your house or commercial property and our cleaner is safe and effective.

Roof Cleaning

In the Milwaukee and Madison areas, it’s very common to see black streaks on roofs. Many people believe that it’s dirt. However, the climate of Milwaukee and Madison is the perfect breeding ground for the algae, moss and mold that cause this discoloration. The limestone filler that most asphalt shingles are built with is a feast for the algae, and over time, their activity will break down your shingles.

The Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association (ARMA) discourages using power washing to clean roofs because of the damage that it does. Instead, our pressure washing system gently sprays your roof and kills the algae and moss so it disappears for years.

Fence & Deck Cleaning

With our proximity to Lake Michigan, fences and decks take a heavy beating.

Freezing temperatures in the winter, soggy springs and the sun damage both composite and wood decks. It only takes a season or two for your deck and fences to fade or look dirty.

But Bubble Boys can restore your deck or fence in just a few hours.

Concrete Cleaning

Cleaning a concrete driveway or concrete patio is challenging because of its porous texture. Once dirt and algae settle into the pores, water alone won’t remove it. Cleaning your driveway or patio with a high pressure washer often leaves streaks and takes hours because of the small and inconsistent diameter of the sprayer. But our two-step process and special concrete cleaners ensure an evenly clean surface that looks new.

Exterior Window Cleaning

Water-fed window cleaning is an efficient and effective way to reach the entire surface of your windows, whether they’re on the first floor or higher. With no residual cleaner left on the windows, there’s nothing to attract dirt and grime and they stay cleaner, longer.

Commercial Property

First impressions count, whether it’s a potential tenant for your building, or one of your tenant’s customers. Stand out in the commercial real estate market with a well-cared-for property that proudly greets anyone who visits. Clean sidewalks and driveways, sparkling windows and streak-free exteriors attract customers.

Rust Removal

Milwaukee and Madison’s proximity to the lake encourages development of unsightly rust stains on residential and commercial property. Bubble Boys uses the Front 9 Restoration System to dissolve 100% of rust. As trained and authorized F9 applicators, we are proud to make this effective rust removal process available to Milwaukee and Madison residents.

Gutter Cleaning

Leaves and debris can accumulate in your gutters quickly and can cause major problems. Backed up gutters increase the chances of icicles forming, water seeping behind siding and damage the landscaping below it. Bubble Boys will clean your gutters so melting snow and heavy rains drain properly.

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