Concrete Cleaning


A dirty driveway or patio can make your house looks years older than it really is. Cleaning concrete is one of the fastest ways to improve curb appeal, when it’s done right. But the porous nature of concrete makes it difficult to clean. Once dirt is in the pores, spraying it with a high-pressure hose won’t clean it effectively.

before and after of a concrete cleaning project
before and after of a clean patio using our concrete cleaning process

Why Choose Us

Our first step is to apply our cleaning solution to the concrete. This destroys algae living in the pores of the concrete.

Then we use a professional-grade surface cleaner that has a rotating brush to evenly scrub concrete stains away. The results from this brush are far superior to a wand that was purchased at a home improvement store that leaves streaks behind. We sweep the cleaner back and forth leaving your driveway or patio looking like new. (And you’re left with a free weekend to spend doing more pleasant things.)

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